Who We Are

Blackstone Innovations is the technology team at Blackstone, providing our employees and investors with the information and tools we need to grow. Serving these internal and external clients, we build cutting-edge and easy-to-use systems that manage risk, create efficiencies and promote transparency at Blackstone and within the broader community of investors and portfolio companies.

Our open, iterative design process is coupled with a rapid pace of development to foster a competitive advantage for Blackstone through the use of technology. We are a fast-paced meritocracy that thrives on the sharing of ideas, facilitating individual growth and creating a fun, open team environment.


Our applications and products provide our clients with streamlined workflows, accurate and reliable data, and increase access to information internally and externally. These scalable, efficient systems also help to secure the firm at large.


Blackstone’s Infrastructure team works to provide a world-class, fully-redundant infrastructure, ensuring access to key resources around the clock.
Investing in Technology
Technology is critical to all we do at Blackstone. We have made considerable investments in people and new technologies to maintain our competitive edge.
Constantly Innovating

Our team strives to make our businesses and processes more efficient and sustainable, building and designing the right long-term solutions.
Supporting Capital
Being nimble and entrepreneurial allows our relatively small team to support over $545 billion in firm-wide AUM.

All numbers are as of June 30, 2019.

Blackstone ranked as one of the top firms for technology professionals in our industry by Vault.com
Our Process
Investor Portal
For investor reporting and communications, we developed our own world-class system that combines data and documents to provide our investors with a full overview of their relationships at Blackstone, building on our data management core.
  • Access real-time Blackstone investment information from a single on-demand location
  • Secure and robust document repository with full e-mail alert capability
  • Over 100 data points to facilitate projections, debt and valuation analysis
  • Ability to drill down into full portfolio company details
  • Enables content export for incorporation within internal risk and evaluation tools
Integrated Systems
Across multiple internally-developed and third-party systems we enable multiple parties to interact with data and documents with full transparency, auditability and tracking. These systems include:
  • Data systems that streamline the data collection process
  • Financial reporting systems that manage our global treasury operations
  • Customer relationship management systems that allows our team to share information
  • Fund accounting systems that monitor fund transactions and performance



Blackstone’s dedicated team works across our business groups to properly balance risk with business needs, as securing the firm requires a total team effort. Our cybersecurity program is built on the following principles.
  • Protect: Understand threats and vulnerabilities to implement programs that manage information and cyber risk
  • Educate: Create a security-aware culture through unique and creative training exercises
  • Measure: Develop metrics, baseline and set targets for the state of security at Blackstone
  • Communicate: Provide transparent and actionable reporting to all levels of the firm

Our Partnerships

Our team develops deep partnerships with our technology providers to maintain the highest standard of systems and service.

Our work through these partnerships dovetails with our efforts to implement new technology solutions across Blackstone.


Investing in Security

The need to protect organizations’ data and employees is rapidly growing as cyberattacks become more complex and sophisticated.


Since 2007, iSIGHT Partners has been recognized as a leader in cyber threat intelligence. Through its established intelligence team made up of over 200 different experts in 16 different countries, the iSIGHT Partners team focuses exclusively on analyzing and understanding the global threat ecosystem, to include threat sources and the methodologies they employ, and partners with its customers’ security and intelligence operations to empower an intelligence-led security strategy that connects intelligence directly to their businesses.

Carbon Black

More than 1,000 organizations worldwide—from 25 Fortune 100 companies to small enterprises—use Carbon Black to increase security, reduce operational costs and improve compliance. Leading managed security service providers and incident response companies have made Carbon Black a core component of their advanced threat prevention, threat detection and incident response services.


Cylance’s expert professional services team work to solve its clients’ immediate cybersecurity problems by blending deep domain expertise with Cylance’s math and machine learning engine to reduce repeat cycles of incident response.


Understanding Data

Partnering with teams that share our vision can help ensure top quality execution of the right data solutions across all our systems at Blackstone.

Cloud Theory

Cloud Theory is a New York-based technology firm specializing in cloud-based client-facing solutions with considerable financial services expertise. Cloud Theory helps companies create strategic roadmaps, optimize business processes, engineer custom Salesforce-based solutions and provide ongoing managed services to support the full lifecycle of a firm’s interaction with its clients.


ThoughtFocus is a U.S.-based, privately held consulting, software engineering and business process outsourcing firm whose global team of over 1,000 associates helps its clients achieve their most critical business objectives. Local offices, supported by state of the art development and outsourcing centers in India and the Philippines, have allowed ThoughtFocus to support clients and balance delivery risk and cost for more than a decade.

Financial Technology

Controlling Financial Data

The need for financial reporting, systems automation and integration, and end-to-end business connectivity and automation continues to grow in our industry. Investing in scalable software reduces cost and complexity in these systems.


General Partners and other Fund Managers using iLEVEL can streamline the data collection process and store information in a central repository. In doing so, they can better optimize portfolio performance, demonstrate value creation, more quickly run valuations and meet increasing demands for investor reporting.


Coupa is an industry leading, cloud-based, spend management suite built and pre-integrated with a focus on profitability. Coupa brings consumer e-commerce shopping ease to company's streamlined procurement processes to achieve cost savings and save employees time.


Infonic's multi-manager investment management capabilities enables investment managers to conduct investment due diligence, rapidly and accurately set up, plan and structure multi-tier portfolios, find and manage risk and exposure within and across portfolios and perform compliance checks.